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An Óige Photographic Group A.G.M.


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An Óige Photographic Group Constitution



1. An Óige Photographic Group

The name of the Group shall be “(An Óige Photographic Group)” hereinafter referred to as the Club. An Óige Photography Group is affiliated to An Óige Irish Youth Hostel Association.

2. Objectives

An Óige Photographic Group seeks to foster the enjoyment of photography in a social environment, it aims to develop the skills of the members, whether beginner or experienced. This is done through field trips, outings, peer help, tuition and weekends away. Members are encouraged to showcase their work monthly at meetings and through the Annual Exhibition.

3. Executive Committee

i. The business of the Club shall be carried out by a committee, hereafter called the Committee.

ii. The term for membership of the Committee shall be three years

iii. A member may go forward again to serve on the Committee after a break of one year.

iv. All four Officers may not step down at the same time to facilitate continuity on the Committee.

iv. If a member does not attend three consecutive Committee meetings, without good reason, he/she will be deemed to have resigned from the Committee.

v. The Committee may, at its discretion, set up any sub-committee it deems necessary for specific purposes. The Chairperson or a nominated Committee Member of the Club shall be an ex-officio member of any sub-committees.

vi. All decisions of the Committee shall be decided by a simple majority of all members voting on an issue and in the event of a tied vote the Chairperson shall have a casting vote.

vii.  The Club will be under the management of the Committee, the officers of which shall be elected by majority vote at the annual general meeting.

viii. The officers of the committee shall consist of :-

1. The Chairperson.

2. The Secretary.

3. The Treasurer.

4. The PRO/ Communications Officer

Five other members to make up the committee and hold posts according to requirements.

ix.  The committee shall meet at its discretion, but must meet at least six times annually.

4. Meetings

i. Meetings of the committee shall be as per the Constitution. Minutes of all meetings shall be made and retained by the Secretary. A quorum for a committee meeting shall be

two thirds of its members. All committee members are required to attend at least four times a year.

ii.  The committee shall convene one Annual General Meeting of all members within each calendar year at a place and time which in their opinion is most acceptable to the general membership.

iii. The purpose of the Annual General Meeting shall be to review the activities and performance of the Club over the previous year and to set targets for the following year and its financial position shall be presented to the AGM.  It will also elect a new committee.

iv.  Nominations for posts on the committee must be received by the existing Committee at least three weeks before the Annual General Meeting.

v.  Changes to the Constitution can be effected at an Annual General Meeting and EGM.

vi.  Resolutions on any matter pertaining to the Club for consideration by the Annual General Meeting, shall be in writing and received three weeks before the meeting.

vii.  The committee shall inform all its members of the date and venue of the Annual General Meeting at least one month before the meeting. The notice shall include the agenda for the AGM.

viii. An Extraordinary General Meeting can be called for by 10% (ten per cent) of members on submission of a notice of agenda to the Committee. The request should state clearly the reason for the meeting. The meeting to be called by the Committee within one month of receipt of notice.

ix. This Constitution shall be reviewed by the Committee at least every 5 years and the results of that review shall be presented to the subsequent AGM.

x.  In the event of the dissolution of the Group, all its assets shall pass to An Óige Youth Hostel Association. All assets and equipment of the Photographic Group are the property of An Óige Youth Hostel Association, and are held in trust by the Committee of the Photographic Group

5. Elections

Except where otherwise stipulated by the Constitution all elections within the Club will be decided by majority vote and each candidate will require one nominator and one seconder.

6. Membership

Membership is open to all those interested in photography. Members of this Group must be members of An Óige Youth Hostel Association.. Membership fee must be paid annually.


7. Annual Subscriptions

An annual subscription shall be required of all members. The amount to be agreed at each annual general meeting.  Members who are more than three months in arrears

with their subscriptions shall cease to be a member.

8. Safety

All courtesy and safety rules shall apply in accordance in Health and Safety Regulations. Any member who breaks these rules or jeopardises fellow members will be expelled from the club.

9. Discipline

The committee shall suspend or dismiss any member who in their opinion has misconducted themselves or has brought the Club into disrepute. In all instances the member has the right to appeal.


10. Duties of Officers

Chairperson To chair all meetings. To allow equal time for debate and discussion. To advise secretary of meetings agenda’s. Have casting vote in the event of a tie. To pursue resolutions passed at meetings – making sure people do their job.

Treasurer Responsible for all monies in the club and to keep account of all transactions. Submit to the committee a yearly report.To be chairman of all fund raising activities.

Secretary Responsible for:- keeping an up to date minute book with an attendance record. For making out the agenda with the

chairman for all meetings. All correspondence to and from

the Club. Membership records.

Pro/Communication Officer: Responsible for Informing members of coming events and supplying them with yearly event sheets.


11. Data Protection.

Data must be kept for Club purposes and used only for the effective management of the Club, subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act, 2018.

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