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Thursday 16th February - 30th March, 2023 

COMMENCING Thursday, February 16th, 2023, 7.00 - 8.30pm on Zoom
FIELD TRIPS on Saturdays: 18Feb, 11Mar, 01Apr
7 weekly online classes plus 3 field trips with mentors
Learn the photographer's way to capture and share those moments!

The course content will include the followimg:


 Phone Camera Settings, Inserting SD card,

Sharing photos in Whatsapp

Upload and Download of pictures on webpages,  

Adjustment of Image on Phone.

Creating slideshow, Transferring photos

from phone to Laptop

 Resolution and Aspect ratio,
    Understanding white balance, ISO,

Exposure compensation.

Time delay, macro, panoramic,video and special


Gridlines, flash, location tags and picture storage.         

Course Cost

Only €99. This fee entitles you to membership for 1 year of:

  • An Oige Photo Group,

  • An Oige Hostelling/Walking Group.


An Oige Photo member:  €44

An Oige member only: €74

As a member you can practise your skills and learn with experienced photographers on outings and events, and you can submit a selection of your best photos into our annual exhibition held in the National Botanic Gardens.


You can also participate in the outdoor walking activities of An Oige International Hostelling Group.

See something interesting or beautiful?
Do you quickly reach for your smartphone to capture the moment?

These multifunctional devices have practically replaced compact point and shoot cameras. Over the years, many updates have been made and some now have many of the functions of the larger DSLR cameras. 
Using your smartphone you too can learn the essentials of photography, such as composition, lighting, exposure and basic editing skills. If you would like to bring your pictures to a higher level, this is the course for you.

How to Book 

To book your place fill in your details on the form below. 
Payment can be made by bank transfer to the club account using the IBAN. 


May be paid direct to:


An Oige Photo Group, Permanent Trustee Savings Bank,  13 Lr O'Connell Street, Dublin 1

IBAN                            IE66IPBS99060180029304

Receiver’s Message     Include your name + ref: BC

Account Name                An Oige Photo Group

BIC                                IPBSIE2D

Booking Form

Thanks for registering.

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