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Barney's Digital Corner

Barney on Black & White Photography

Part 1 Session - 11Mar24

PW: oigeb&w1
Part 2 Session - 18Mar24

PW: oigeb&w2
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From 2023


Greetings, fellow members and welcome to my new Corner where you will discover many innovations to help sharpen and hone your newly acquired skills,  mostly in the form of a WORKSHOP. And it’s for both beginners AND advanced workers in both Photoshop and Elements


Starting off on Tuesday 11th May will be “PHOTO REPLAY” where you will be offered the opportunity (EIGHT, in fact) to edit photos yourself as prompted on the screen.


Here’s how this will work:

  1. In my Corner will be a photo which you will download into a new folder to be named BDC.

  2. For the first session of the workshop you will make a copy of this photo, 

  3. return the original back to its folder and 

  4. upload the new copy onto your Elements or Photoshop ready to start editing on the night.

  5. But first, you will sit back and watch and listen to the video of the edit to get an idea of what’s required before it’s your turn to start. 

  6. Then the video will be replayed while you do your editing on your own copy. 

  7. The video will be stopped mid-sentence if necessary to enable everyone to catch up where required!

  8. At the end of the session you will save your work TWICE as a PSD – one copy to me for assessment and feedback NB: It will be over the 25MB size and Google will advise you that it will be sent by GOOGLE DRIVE. You need not worry about that – just send it as an attachment in the usual way.

  9. and the other to be added to the original back in your BDC folder.

  10. And for the following weeks’ procedures 2 to 9 (as above) will be repeated with a new image each time.

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