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February 2024

Theme: Street Photography up to 2 images

Open/General - up to 2 printed images

Submission by: 20th Feb, 7pm

Judging at Crosscare:  27th Feb @ 7.30 pm

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An Óige Photo Monthly League Sep 2023 – Feb 2024


Digital Themes:

September : Portraiture

October: Nature

November:  Botanic Gardens

December: Landscapes - Waterscapes

January: Architecture

February: Street photography 

Digital only competition.

Up to 4 images can be submitted each month.


There are 2 categories – Themed category and Open/General/Own Choice category.


2 images can be submitted in Themed category.


2 images can be submitted in Open/General/Own Choice category.


See submission form for Theme, whether Colour, or Black and White.

Choice of 2 sections for entry: NOVICE or ADVANCED.

 After 6 months, a participant’s league total score will be total of the best 5 monthly scores out of 6, OR, if less than 6 months entered, the total of the monthly scores.

If you have NOT participated in the league for Projected/Digital Images before, enter the Novice section.


Except if you have been moved from Novice to Advanced before this season:


If you have participated in league for Projected/Digital Images in a previous year and:


• you were last in the Novice section, enter the Novice section now.

• you were last in the Intermediate or Advanced sections, enter Advanced section now.


Images to have been taken this year (If possible). They cannot have been shown before.


Pay attention to getting horizons horizontal, buildings vertical and picture in focus. Submitted images may not be sent forward for judging if these features are of concern.


Recommended to have a size of 3000 pixels on the longest side.

File Name Format: Your club code, ie  A1, A2 and A3, image title, ie Big Tree

"A1  Big Tree.jpg" File size between 1-3 megabytes.

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