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Susan, 'Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer Those days of soda and pretzels and beer.....' - Nat King Cole

It sure is crazy when one is trimming the lawn with a scissors!! Roll on the day when life returns to normal and it's possible once again to have the strimmer repaired. Meanwhile, time to listen to Nat and have that beer.


This is the inside window of the Sagres lighthouse and what is a wonder to me is this was my last gallivant before the covid-19 epidermic put us all into a world that is still beyond anything I have experienced. It was here in the Algarve that we first heard of an outbreak in the Canary and we smug with ourselves that we picked Portugal: not knowing that we were all going to be effected beyond our comprehension.


As I walked through a beautiful Romanian village I noticed 3 women sitting together enjoying a moments silence and watching the world go by. That was of course untl us noisy tourists turned up with our cameras wanting to capture their moment.


I was at my nephews wedding and at communion the happy couple just turned around to see what was happening behind them. I seen my chance said don’t move got the camera and this is what the result was. His sister got married next and I was asked to take the photos for her wedding. Thankfully, I did not let them down.


MAY 5th 2020 the day when after weeks of Lockdown or Cuckooning I escaped from my house. Will I wont I as I got to the door then the gateway ?? Turned left and off I went. Passing the shops and on to main road. In passing an ill ex neighbours house I saw her in her window and chatted. Very satisfying. Homeward bound I rang a friend and she came to her doorway, another happy sighting. After saying goodbye I noticed this flower in her garden slipped in and photographed this beauty. So ended my beautiful FREEDOM walk. HAPPY DAYS ....Maire


I took part in Barney’s still life practical class Aug 2019. Several still life stations where set up. The final set of pictures I took were of fruit and bowl that Eileen brought in It was a great subject as it had brilliant colour mixtures, and different shapes and textures yet it formed a cohesive scene. Still life exercise was quite a difficult one that I hadn’t done like this before. Aim was to have no shadows, a plain background as well a good capture of subject. I was fairly pleased with last shot – moved white card background so no divided line, bowl was bigger in the shot, and moving spot lights to give several highlights on the different fruits and the bowl. Improvements could be made - apple at front, or bananas are not as sharp as orange. I couldn’t get the spot lighting moved around so there were no bowl shadows, maybe extra spotlights needed. But I thought it was a good result for my first exercise in formal still life.


Room for Squares. A Flip of the imagination, hopefully not a Flop.:) Room For Squares. This photo came about by accident. I was taking another photo and when I was finished I accidentally took this photo. It occurred to me that it looked bizarre and out of place, weird even. It is an uncommon photo could even be disturbing. Certainly not elegant.