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           Closing date for receipt of entries - Tuesday 25th April 2023



Closing date for receipt of entries - Tuesday 25th April 2023

Entries will be taken in by An Óige at

Crosscare 24/26Wellington St, Dublin 7 from 6pm to 7.30pm


General  Rules:


  1. Members Exhibition

Entries are confined to members of the Photographic Group, except for the special Category, as outlined under rule 16, which is open to all members of An Óige.  


  1. Prints  

Prints may be processed commercially.


  1. Prints may be of any shape , but subject to the following min/max dimensions:

The minimum size of any print is 80 square inches ( 10” x 8” or 12” x 8”) and the mount size must be 192 square inches ( 16” x 12” ). Entries which do not comply with these sizes will not be accepted.

                                                                                                                          For printed images “pixels per inch” is important for print quality and is recommended to be 300 pixels per inch. The number of pixels on each size are also relevant to the print size when combined with the pixels per inch. e.g. If you have an image that is 3000 x 2400 pixels in size and you print at 300 pixels per inch, this will give you a printed photo of 10” x 8”


  1. All colour prints and black and white prints must be mounted on white mounting boards only, with cardboard backing.  White boards are available from club. Wooding mounts, framed prints covered by any material, e. g. Glass or plastic, will not be accepted.


  1. Each entry must have the following clearly written across the TOP back of the mount – (prints will be exhibited with this orientation). A Title, the Member's Name and the Section for which it is entered.   NO lettering of any kind is permitted on the front of the print or mount.



     6 Digital Images  

          Entries may be submitted on a Memory  stick in JPEG format with members letter, name, Title of Image, and Section. 


Only colour images accepted and USB stick should contain exhibition entries only.   

Digital image crop size should be 3000 pixels on long size. The size of the JPEG files should be between 1 MB and  3MG to ensure high quality. Applying these two criteria will ensure the best image quility on screens, both for judging and for the monitor display at the exhibition.


      7.   The Committee reserve the right to reject any entries which they consider unsuitable for the exhibtion or entered in wrong Section, or which do not comply with any of the above rules.


       8 .  Prints which have been exhibted at previous An Óige Annual Exhibitions   are not acceptable. Prints and digital images which have been entered   in the monthly league are eligible for entry, as long as they have not been   exhibited in previous An Óige Annual exhibitions. A print image cannot   be entered as a digital image in the same Competition.


  1. The Committee will take all possible care of prints and digital images entered. They cannot, however, accept liability for any loss or damage.


  1. Winners of first prize in the Novice Section at the Annual Exhibition last year must enter in a higher section in subsequent years. All other entrants may submit entries at their present or higher level e.g. Novices may enter Advanced section


  1. The following will apply in all sections:-

Two entrants, one prize.

Three entrants, Two prizes.

Four entrants, Three prizes. 

Prizes will only be awarded if the entries are of a reasonable standard.


  1.  In the case of any dispute over the interpretation of the rules, the Committee's decision is final.


  1.  The three sections that have grades of ability, namely Black and White, Colour prints and Digital Images, are each separate. After winning first prize in, say, the Novice section, an entrant must go into the Advanced Section respectively for digital Images, but will remain a Novice in Colour Photographs  and in Black and White Photographs. Members may remain as Novices in these sections until they win first prize in them, or choose to enter a higher grade.


  1.   To help offset the cost of the Exhibition, it was agreed that an entry fee of €5 would apply to Members who enter one section only. An entry fee of  €10 would apply for more than one section


  1.  Special Category in Conjunction with this year's I.P.F. National Portraiture Competition.

Entries limited to a maximum of three per person, e.g. Three Colour prints or three Black and White Prints, or a mixture of both.v


Theme: Portraiture. Entry fee €10.00. Minimum size of prints 10” x 8”. Maximum size 20” x 16” including mount. (This section is open to all Members of An Óige, all Photo Clubs and all Members of the Public.) I.P.F.Gold Medals awarded in this section for first prize; I.P.F. Certificates awarded for second and third prizes; I.P.F. Ribbons awarded for prints which receive an Honourable Mention.

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